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Dear Residents,


To better help myself, as the EMD, and our town officials know how we can help you as residents better in a time of need, I have created a short survey.

Since the flooding event in November, where a rescue had to be made of a resident that was cut off by the flooding for a medical issue, it has become a priority of mine to know where our vulnerable population is and to come up with a plan - prior to an event - on how we can help them, should it be needed.

This priority gets even greater when more than one event is happening at the same time such as a power outage during the colder months, with flooding that has cut you off from getting help, to a warming shelter or relative.

I hope that this survey can give me the information that is needed to plan for these types of events and also know when we may need to do a non-emergent evacuation, when we may need to open the shelter and how long residents would need it to be open.


Ways to return this survey:

  • Directly to the Town Administrator or Town Clerk
  • Email the answers to me at
  • Call me with the answers at 802-487-8091
  • Visit the towns website at to find the survey to fill out online.


Thank you for helping us help you
Emergency Management Director
Phil Marquette