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Coventry Planning Commission
Submission Town Report 2017

The Coventry Planning Commission has been busy for the past year with monthly meetings in its charge to formulate a viable updated town plan to submit to the select board and the town next year.
With a clear path/guide that was first established in 2003 and then presented and re-adopted in 2013 by a town Planning Commission that was chaired by resident Jeff Vinton, we have until 2018 to meet the mandated five year deadline.

While we have covered many town oriented issues in our meetings, we still have many more to address in these changing times. From alternative energy to population and development trends, from education and the town's economic future, to the very important treatment of the  environment that we must protect.  All these broad based concerns are not limited to their importance but are critical to the immediate and distant future of our town.

As a Commission, addressing these challenges, we still are seeking any positive input.  All residents are welcomed, and encouraged, to attend our meetings.

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at the Municipal offices at 6:00 pm.

With the right information and right guidance, as a town and individuals, we can look forward to a bright future by planning for it and keeping informed.
This process of planning for our future is to keep us aware of trends and changes that will impact us and how we can best react to them.

Coventry Planning Commission
Chairman Maurice D. Jacobs
Isreal Sanville
Phil Marquette
Robert 'Skip' Gosselin 

​Carol Simmons 

Planning Commission Meeting Minutes